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    SAW Steel Pipes -   
 Manufacturing Process -
High quality plates are produced from well-known local manufactures, or are imported from leadinmg steel mills abraod. Thereafter, physical and chemical properties are checked in the laboratory and verified with the test certificates. Tese plates are accuratelycut to the required dimention, edges are prepared as per manufacturing codes, and then fed into the rolling machine

The plates are rolled in the rolling machine into cylindrical shape of lengths varying from 4 – 12 mtrs.After post pinch operation, the pipes are subjected to tack welding. Thereafter the longitudinal seam is submerged arc welded both from outside and inside, to form a strong weld joint. During the process of welding, and thereafter, strict inspection is enforced

The pipes are then moved to the gauging press to achieve perfect roundness. The pipes-ends are believed whenever required by the customer. Each pipe is subjected to strict quality control. The pipes undergo on-line multi-channel ultrasonic testing apart from radiography and hydrostatic testing as per the relevant codes and specifications to which SAW pipes are manufactured. All the three Units of the Group have well-established testing arrangements both for non-destructive and destructive tests. They are well-equipped with facilites for chemical analysis, as well as tensile, hardness and bend testing. Each pipe bears Sr.no., Test pressure, Specification Code, Size, O.D.,Wt, and Length. Finally Mill test Certficate is issued for each pipe. API stamp is embossed on pipes manufactured conforming to API Specifications.